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Energy Opportunties Confernece 2018 Program

The Energy Opportunities Conference features invited speakers and panelists addressing the following topics:

Tuesday, August 21

National Regulatory Agency Meeting (by invitation only)

Wednesday, August 22
Opening Ceremony

German Arce, Colombia Minister of Energy, Honorary Chair; Orlando Velandia, ANH President, Felipe Bayón, Ecopetrol President, General Chairs; Victor Vega, General Vice Chair; Denise Cox, AAPG President

Session I: A Regulatory Framework For The 21st Century - Panel Discussion

Chairs: Orlando Velandia, ANH Colombia; Victor Vega, AAPG

  1. Orlando Velandia, President, National Hydrocarbon Agency (ANH), Colombia
  2. Juan Carlos Zepeda, President, National Hydrocarbon Commission (CNH), Mexico
  3. Marcos Pourteau, Subsecretary of Energy, Ministry of Energy and Mining, Argentina*
Session II: The Future Energy Matrix

Chair: Scott W. Tinker, Director, Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin

  1. Energy Transition and the Role for Natural Gas, Mounir Bouaziz, Vice President Commercial South America and Africa, Shell
  2. Using Windmills in to Power Discoveries in Patagonia, YPF Tecnología
  3. Geothermal Energy Project, Laura Nofziger, Managing Director, Alta Rock Services
  4. Solar Energy in Mexico, Guillermo Garcia y Morales, Business Development Director-Mexico and Central America, Array Technologies Inc.
Luncheon Session - Energy, Poverty and Climate: Seeking the Radical Middle

Scott W. Tinker, Director, Texas Bureau of Economic Geology

Session III: Empowering Communities And Protecting The Environment

Chair: María Victoria Riaño, Equión Energía; Ulises Hernández, Pemex

  1. Aboriginal and Minority Groups Consultation in Energy, Mining and Infrastructure Projects: a Comparative Analysis of the North American and the Latin American Approaches, Alejandro Mesa, Greg McNab, Baker McKenzie
  2. Economically Empowering Indigenous Communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon, Raylene Whitford, Canative Energy
  3. Environmental Sustainability Program, María Victoria Riaño, President, Equión Energía
  4. Sustainability and local development in Camisea, Germán Gimenez, President and General Manager, Pluspetrol*
Session IV: Best Practices For Unconventional Exploration & Production

Chairs: Elizabeth Schwarze, Chevron

  1. Unconventional Success in Argentina, Claudio Haring, Executive Exploration Manager, YPF
  2. Lessons Learned from the Americas, Chevron
  3. Considerations for Unconventional Exploration in Colombia, Melissa Coleman, General Manager, Exploration – Latin America, Africa, Europe, Middle East ConocoPhilips
Networking Reception– Hilton Cartagena Gardens
Thursday, August 23
Session V: Challenges And Opportunities For Offshore Exploration

Chairs: Max Torres, Ecopetrol; Tomás Zapata, Repsol

  1. The Present and Future of Offshore Colombia Exploration, Max Torres, Vice President of Exploration, Ecopetrol
  2. Pemex Offshore: Results and Perspectives, José Antonio Escalera, President of Exploration, Pemex
  3. Opportunities for Pre-Salt in Brazil, Mario Carminatti, Vice President of Exploration, Petrobras
  4. Offshore Exploration in the Caribbean, Tomás Zapata, Vice President of Exploration, Repsol
Session VI: Latin America Investment Outlook & Legal Framework

Chairs: Hernan Arizmendi, Lago Energy; Leopoldo Olavarria, Norton Rose Fulbright

  1. Investment Trends in Latin America, Ruaraidh Montgomery, Wood MacKenzie
  2. Fabiola Ortiz, Director of Corporate Ratings, S&P Global
  3. Leopoldo Olavarria, Norton Rose Fulbright
  4. Interamerican Development Bank*
Luncheon Session: Big Data, Big Analytics and the Value of Diverse Perspectives

Denise Cox, AAPG President

Session VII: Connecting Industry And Government - Associations Panel

Chair: Francisco Lloreda, Colombian Petroleum Association

  1. Francisco Lloreda, Colombian Petroleum Association (ACP)
  2. Alberto de la Fuente, President, Mexican Association of Hydrocarbon Companies (AMEXHI)
  3. Igor Salazar, Vice President-Hydrocarbon Division, Peruvian National Mining, Petroleum and Energy Society (SNMPE)
  4. Daniel Rellán, Argentine Institute of Petroleum and Gas (IAPG)*
Session VIII: New Technologies And New Analytics

Chair: César Patiño, Ecopetrol; Michel Le-Vot, Total

  1. How Transformative Technologies are Changing the Energy Industry, Susan Nash, Director of Innovation and Emerging Science/Technology, AAPG
  2. Supercomputing for the Oil & Gas Industry, Pedro Mario Cruz e Silva, Nvidia
  3. Embracing the Digital Revolution from an Oil and Gas Perspective, Total
  4. Using Cognitive Computing to improve decision making, IBM
  5. Applications of Unmanned Systems and Robotics Technology in the Oil and Gas Industry, Sudhir Pai, Managing Director, Schlumberger Robotics Services
Closing Celebration– Hilton Cartagena Beachfront
Throughout the Conference
B2B Session

One-on-one meetings with industry, government and association representatives.
To participate, add "B2B Session" to your conference registration.